Love the idea of all of your bridesmaids having the same ring to wear during the wedding (Right hand rings for your right-hand ladies!).

cute bridesmaids gifts

Forget my bridesmaids I want one.

Doing this.

Personalized Keychain Bottle Opener

Outdoor wedding or reception? Brides & bridesmaids can wear these to stay afloat in the grass. And for bonus thoughtfulness points, have a little basket of these available for your guests as well.

Gifts for the bridesmaids - has a little bottle of moscato, a champagne glass with a little ribbon that matches the colour of the dresses, and a robe to wear whilst getting ready! So cute!

Personalized totes for bridesmaids.

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Cute gift for the bride from bridesmaids

Bridesmaids rings "Thank you for helping me tie the knot"

Bridesmaid gifts

Book includes letters from the bridesmaids, father of the bride, mother of the bride, her future in-laws, and of course the Groom. I love this!!

This is super sweet.

for outdoor weddings - sew tiny weights into the hem of bridesmaid dresses to keep them from flying up in the wind Good to know

bridesmaids gift, very cute idea!!! ♥

Ask flowergirl junior bridesmaids. Rose ring by buysomelove, $15.00

this size flowers for the girls 3 x

9 Creative Ways to Say Will You Be My Bridesmaid - one of these will be used