For cold winter nights....Cheese, Potato, & Smoked Sausage Casserole

For cold winter nights.Cheese, Potato, Smoked Sausage Casserole (Made huge huge huge hit! but next time were going to leave out the salt since the sausage and cheese have salt, i also cheated and used frozen cubed taters!) Use vegan sausage

Oven Roasted Smoked Sausage Potato Recipe

Oven Roasted Smoked Sausage & Potatoes

.Cheese Potato & Smoked Sausage Casserole: Looks like a dish to warm you up on a cold wintry evening!!

Jolean's Cheese Potato & Smoked Sausage Casserole

Cheese Potato & Smoked Sausage Casserole: Looks like a dish to warm you up on a cold wintry evening! I can't wait to try this easy potato casserole recipe.

Best Pork Chops: Made these 4-5-13 and they were delicious!!

Best Pork Chops

Pork chops dipped in ranch dressing and coated in Italian bread crumbs with Parmesan cheese and garlic.anything dipper in ranch, coated in Italian bread crumbs with parmesan cheese and garlic ;

This was another one of our favorites in the 70s  Very inexpensive and very easy to make.  Just recently found this recipe hand-written by my Mom, and the warm feelings flood back to me, because this was a true favorite in our house.  Little did I know that she was on such a tight budget, yet made things like this that we all loved!!  NOTE:  The meat that was used in this recipe always varied, according to whatever we had available at the time.

Jolean's Cheese Potato & Smoked Sausage Casserole

Jolean's Cheese Potato & Smoked Sausage Casserole - "This turned out great! The potatoes were super soft, the sausage had good flavor from browning it beforehand, and the cheese sauce was delicious!

Chicken Taco Casserole ~ knowkitchen - Substituting the canned soup with homemade!

Chicken Taco Casserole 2 cans Cream of Chicken soup 1 cups Sour Cream 2 tablespoons Taco Seasoning 2 cups cooked and cubed Chicken 6 Tortillas 1 cup shredded Cheese. Soy chicken here i come!

CHEESY SMOKED SAUSAGE & POTATO CASSEROLE RECIPE. Try this potato casserole recipe if you're looking for something new for dinner. You don't even need anything else with this meal! Try this out with Grand Bend Produce white potatoes today!

Cheesy Smoked Sausage & Potato Casserole

CHEESY SMOKED SAUSAGE AND POTATO CASSEROLE 3 c potatoes, peeled, boiled and cubed 1 lb skinless smoked sausage 4 Tbsp butter 4 Tbsp flour 2 c milk tsp salt tsp pepper tsp paprika lb velveeta cheese cubed c shreded cheddar cheese

Cheesy Potatoes and Smoked Sausage:  So good, but so bad for you! I've made sausage and potatoes plenty of times but I'm not sure why it never occurred to me to add cheese. Finally did and it was yummy. Can't go wrong with cheese!

Trying this for dinner tonight~ Collettas Kitchen Sink: Full Plate Thursday ~ Cheesy Potatoes and Smoked Sausage.

Mom's Macaroni and Cheese: we add 5 slices of baked bacon and 1/2C of mozzarella [ ] #lunch #recipes #food

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Homemade Mac & Cheese 1 can creamed corn, 1 can sweet corn, 1 stick light margarine, 1 cup elbow macaroni, 1 cup velveeta. Don't drain any cans. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cook in crockpot until noodles are done.

beef and bean enchilada casserole

Bean-and-Beef Enchilada Casserole

Bean-and-Beef Enchilada Casserole - this hearty dish has all the great taste of traditional enchiladas - cumin, chile peppers, and sour cream without all of the fuss. It's a fast and easy favorite.