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Mbuki-Mvuki (v) Pronunciation em-‘bU-kE em-'vU-kE To Shed One's Clothing Spontaneously & Dance Naked in Joy.

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) beyond the sea (n.) a brilliant deep blue color My favorite Watercolors paint.

It speaks for itself but the pronunciation is foo-boo-tsoo-shee - kanji | 風物詩

Fuubutsushi: 風物詩: The things, feelings, scents, images - that evoke memories or anticipation of a particular season

hostalgia / especially when ruined by someone else / the-emotionary.com also the-emotionary.tumblr.com

Hostalgia (n.) Rage that derives from never being able to get things back in your past that you feel nostalgic about; anger over the irretrievability of that past, esp. when it was ruined for you by someone else.

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"I fell in love with life, It's the only one that won't leave me before I do" Pablo Neruda

pronunciation | \ “am-u-‘ran-THEn \ (am-uh-RAN-theen)                                    #amaranthine, adjective, english, origin: latin, flowers, colors, purple, red, everlasting, beautiful, immortal, forever, eternity, pretty, words, otherwordly, other-wordly, definitions, A,

pretty red beautiful A forever words flowers purple colors definitions english immortal eternity everlasting otherwordly other-wordly adjective origin: latin amaranthine

VINTAGE & CHIC: decoración vintage para tu casa [] vintage home decor: Poster con mensaje [] Monday thought

imagination poster: i've been seeing a lot of great eye-chart style prints the past few weeks.