I love this, it is so beautiful and it is the wedding dress I have always pictured myself getting married in...I cant believe I actually found this! Ivory Wedding Dress Silk corset and bustle skirt by LaBelleFairy, $2999.00

Victorian undergarments



Steampunk Wedding Dress Rustic Wedding Dress by LaBelleFairy, $799.00. I like it but mot as a wedding dress.

Vintage Edwardian corsets...I cannot imagine!

vintage corset


Corset, c.1870 Dramatic lighting highlights the sculptural effect of this Victorian corset

Corset 1890s

Wedding Corset, c. 1880 Silk satin wedding corset, c. 1880 This piece is part of the Chicago History Museum exhibition I Do! Chicago Ties the Knot. The exhibition explores an array of wedding traditions through costume, and how some of those traditions were standardized by Chicago retailers to create the wedding industry we know today.

ivory grace corset


18th Century Corset




corset love this!

Tieranny Skirt in Classic Pirate by damselinthisdress on Etsy

Steampunk collection

Victorian Corset