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    Blood vessels in the human body - This just may be one of the coolest things I've seen.

    Corrosion cast of blood vessels in the brain from the 1980s.

    The human heart stripped of fat and muscle

    what about a take on this, with blood spattered on a nerdy & a "betty boop" type silhouette?

    The human heart.

    If every word you spoke became permanently written on your skin for the world to see.. how different would your life be? Food for thought

    if you don't find pandas cute you are not human

    Cool, hAnd photography...

    as above, so below

    gymnastics ♥

    Blood Vessels are a network of hollow tubes that transport blood throughout the body. Blood travels from the heart via arteries, then to capillaries, then to veins, and back to the heart. Substances such as oxygen carbon dioxide, nutrients, and wastes are exchanged between blood and the fluid that surrounds the cells. #bloodvessels #capillaries #arteries #veins



    Black & white tattoos.

    pin-up girls

    Cool idea. Art composed of satellite images. This one is every Outdoor Basketball Court in Manhattan, by Jenny Odell

    double exposure - human nature | typography / graphic design photography: Simon Hart |