Blood vessels in the human body. Sometimes the most beautiful works of art are closer than you think.

The human heart stripped of fat and muscle


One of my favorite characters!!!! Tribute to Tim Burton by Marie Bergeron Beetlejuice Halloween Costume ideas

London street by nkabuto (Phuoc Quan) on devianArt, city view, black and white, man, pavement, buildings, architechture, dark, night, moon, castle, fabulous, beautiful, fantasy art. Gothic Art/Chp 20

Hand carving. Artist could not be traced

Tree of Life


You get a rush hurting people. You have no heart. You cant be loved by someone not at all. I think you got to comfortable in the darkness. Your demons have consumed you. The things you have done and i have found out about? I could care less now. Yeah i may seem heartless but i at least have a heart. You will play silly games and tricks, you dont care about another persons well being what so ever. You dont have a soul darlin. The truth is? You never did, did you? -k

The Whale on Behance

Bryan Nash Gill wood print - Gill used recycled lumber, covered it with ink and paper and pressed and scratched the wood pattern on the paper with his fingers #ink

what about a take on this, with blood spattered on a nerdy & a "betty boop" type silhouette?

Cool photo of a bunch of hands put together to look like a brain!

gymnastics <3

double exposure - human nature | typography / graphic design photography: Simon Hart |

The human heart.

Beautiful sculpture: The Kiss of Death located at Barcelona's Poblenou Cemetery.