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Human Trial with FBCx and Fatty Breakfast Healthy adults consume a Sausage McMuffin®, then have blood tests with and without FBCx

How FBCx Works: Science During the process of digestion, FBCx (a cyclodextrine) coats the fat and interrupts its absorption. This allows it to travel through the intestines and be eliminated without undesirable side effects.

Without any diet or lifestyle changes, FBCx, the primary ingredient in calorease, induced weight loss, reduced atherogenic lipoproteins, and increased insulin sensitivity in healthy overweight individuals.

FBCx is a naturally occurring fiber, α-cyclodextrin that consists of 6 glucose molecules. The uniquely shaped structure allows it to form a stable, non-digestible complex with dietary fat. FBCx binds up to a 1:9 ratio and has no known harmful side effects when taken as recommended. The patented FBCx fiber, which is naturally derived from corn, binds to fat in the digestive tract so that it cannot be absorbed. The fat is eliminated without undesirable side effects.

The key ingredient in Calorease is FBCx or alpha cyclodextrine, a dietary fiber that binds up to 9 times it's weight in saturated fat. It also aids in limiting cholesterol levels, and helps diabetics. To learn more about FBCx, visit

Calorease- a dietary supplement containing FBCx (α-cyclodextrin) binds to fat when taken with a meal and is a natural alternative to other synthetic anti-obesity medications. Calorease, the U.S. patented brand name for FBCx is available online at, or at GNC.

Ordinary dietary fiber can bind with dietary fat in a 1:1 ratio and shield it from the digestive process. However, the FBCx fiber in Calorease binds up to 9 times its weight in fat, making it ideal for weight management.