six questions to ask your kids on the first day of school?

Make a ring of sites kids can visit. The name of the site, URL, and a logo picture go on the front, what you can do there (and any necessary passwords) go on the back.

allow kids to always leave notes, questions, concerns, compliments and thoughts

first week of school activity to create classroom norms--anchor chart idea

great idea!

Quotes for Each Week of the Year | Scholastic Teachers

Adventures of a 3rd Grade Teacher: Six Classroom Questions

This has nothing in the bottle but spray the kids before they go out in the hallway to let them know they need to be quiet.

First Day of School Frame- she velcroed 1st on there so she can switch it out with 100th and last. - Polka Pics

first week of school name activity

Teacher Big Book - cute idea! I think I'll have to do this for my class this year. You have to look at her example. It's really great!

procedures to go over the first week of school

These get-to-know-you activities are perfect for the first week of school.

Ginger Snaps: First Week of School Activities

Good to reference for 1st day/week of school: LOADS of classroom procedures to teach at the beginning of the school year

Beginning of school

flip charts that say: I need help, I'm working hard, and I'm finished This could be part of a great classroom management strategy!