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    File:Morpho didius Male Dos MHNT.jpg

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      Morpho didius, common name Giant Blue Morpho, is a Neotropical butterfly belonging to the Nymphalidae family, Morphinae subfamily.

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      Morpho butterfly wings contain microstructures that create its coloring effect through structural coloration rather than pigmentation.

    • Dr. Stefan Gruenwald

      Researchers take Morpho butterfly cells and use them to grow colorful butterfly wings in the lab

    • Tammi Cole

      Researchers take cells from chrysalis and use them to grow butterfly wings in the lab

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      ... butterflies butterflies wings damien hirst butterfly wings blue morpho

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      Blue Morpho Butterfly. File:Morpho didius Male Dos MHNT.jpg

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      Blue Morpho Butterfly (image w/free download)

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      Morpho didius Male Dos - Blue Butterfly

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      butterfly wings - Google Search

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