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Chalk Board Ideas For Kids

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DIY Chalkboard paint recipe - any colour you like. Same as Martha Stewart method but gives smaller quantities. #paint

Clumsy Crafterfrom Clumsy Crafter

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Blackboard Paint Ideas

How To Make Chalk Paint.


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Make a light box to trace pattern onto paper and cloth. It's cheap, safe and easy to build. Best idea ever.


DIY Chalkboard paint in any colour by A Beautiful Mess

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Colored Chalkboard Paint

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DIY Chalkboard paint in any colour

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cool easy art

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Quick and easy decoration

Miniecofrom Minieco

Recipe for homemade glue

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NOW THEY TELL ME?!?! Flour, sugar, water & white vinegar = better cheaper Mod Podge. Yes, please. It's too expensive..

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home made wiggle wires to make your cards wiggle and jiggle.

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Chalk board paint :)

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easy DIY paper mache letters..made out of cereal boxes!

By the (cook)Bookfrom By the (cook)Book

Craft Time: DIY Chalkboard Jars

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DIY chalkboard canisters. Upcycle those old pickle jars! (Tip from the blog--use acrylic paint for the base coat of the labels and for the lids.) Maybe someday I'll take the labels off my jars and do something like this.

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easy crafts


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DIY Confetti Vase diy crafts craft ideas easy crafts diy ideas diy crafts home diy easy diy home crafts craft vase diy candes


DIY: Wine {Charms + Name} Tags


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Chalkboard dipped wine glasses - what a fantastic idea!

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Paper 7

Paper Roll

flexible plastic removable self-adhesive Contact Paper® roll turns any hard surface into a chalk board - cut shapes and label jars, boxes etc.; easier than applying chalkboard paint for some projects

Seems easy enough

Seems easy enough

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Seems easy enough

Shanty 2 Chicfrom Shanty 2 Chic

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