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    Prepare for measuring Body Fat and other tips to do it properly

    This is eye opening! Makes you realize how badly you think of yourself as a woman. In reality you are not nearly that bad! - except I don't have the fat in my boobs like this girl, it's in my thighs

    Skinfold-measurment female

    Where to measure...good to know

    Get Fit tips HERE! Step by step guide to make it easy!

    The Guide to Vitamins


    5 lbs of fat next to 5 lbs of muscle!!! This is why you should never ever allow a scale to determine your weight loss and fitness progress. Look at you body changing, muscles showing that you never even knew you had, you endurance increasing with everyday you push yourself... That's how to truly measure your fitness, not by the weight of your body! Get healthy the right way everyone!

    Cross sections of the legs of various ages and fitness levels. Getting one of these done would be a far more effective spur to run than an external body fat measurement (and more expensive, too.)

    BMR - calorie needs with no activity

    Favourite tip: Keep track MONTHLY. Don't let your day to day (lack of) change get in your way. Remember there is more to progress than just weight, measure things in your exercising like number of reps, endurance, and weights used, as well as body measurements like stomach or thigh size.

    Free workout Printable to work the Upper Body at Home! All you need is a set of light weights! www.Beautifultoth...

    Strength Training Guide for Women

    Torch Fat with this Interval training Pilates routine on the BOSU!

    Get out and run! Use this as a training guide for doing the 5k color run!

    4 minute FIT IN THE SUN workout video! Great total body workout that you can do anywhere….really!

    Got some stairs? then you are set! Follow this great Stairs workout with Beautiful to the Core. Great total body workout that is a mixture of strengthening and cardio!

    5 Moves That Will Change Your Body

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