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Shabby Chic and a Union Jack too!!! (Don't like the blanket on the couch, but LOVE the shabby chic Union Jack!

Union Jack cushions: Insanely expensive, but I love the look of these. Maybe I can find something similar for my couch!

OHHH!!! Looove this!!! Union Jack for @Liam Moore and @Traci Moore

Well, I do have (A) framed Union Flag in my home that I brought from London many moons ago. ;>)

London Bus. Riding on top of one of these in the summer--twice! jetlagged and confused-- and becoming intoxicated from the fumes.

Union Jack decor - I love classical style, but can´t resist anything with the Union Jack on it

Must have all of this! This would be a really cute corner of the house.

Awesome Scooter with the Union Flag - because its only properly called the Union Jack when it's flown at sea - Anglophile problems - note the New York (USA) licence plate / license plate