• Eugenia Kim

    WPA poster, Philadelphia Zoo. 1939, Library of Congress.

  • ubermom

    Visit The Zoo Penguin 1936 WPA posters by lc_wpa

  • Kate Snowbird

    Visit the Zoo (Three Penguins) - WPA Poster

  • Meredith

    1930s WPA Visit the Zoo poster for the Philadelphia Zoo with Penguins

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Jenny Lind 1848. Jenny, known as the "Swedish nightingale" was the most popular singer in America by 1854. As a child she liked to sing to her cat. She was discovered when a servant for the Royal Opera passed by the window and heard her singing to the cat.

New-York Historical Society’s Stunning Collection of John James Audubon’s Original Watercolors - Jonathan Kantrowitz

A US soldier carries a wounded comrade to safety during Operation Attleboro, near Tay Ninh, Republic of Vietnam, November 4, 1966.

Florida circa 1905. The beach at Palm Beach.

1930s Great Depression Family at Migrant Workers Camp Photo

Blog post: “Happy Thanksgiving” by Jeff Bridgers, November 21, 2012. Photograph: Pumpkin Pies and Thanksgiving Dinner, Ledyard, Connecticut. Photo by Jack Delano, Nov. 1940. Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information Photograph Collection, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

remember those!

A rare picture of the Baileys, the film family from the #1940s #holiday classic "It's a Wonderful Life"

The opening day of the Empire State Building, 1931.

A piece of the past from Silver Lake Chronicles by Michael Locke with Vincent Brook MY HOME AS ART: Silver Lake Chronicles: Exploring an Urban Oasis in Los Angeles :: A New Book by deasy/penner Partner, Michael Locke

Downton Abbey, Canadian edition Check out this review of Eaton's by Bruce Allen Kopytek. You can preview the book here historypress.net/.... Photo courtesy of: City of Toronto Archives

U.S. Soldier says goodbye to his girl before leaving for war 1917 WWI

Chicago's Public Library by libraryhistorybuff #Illustration #Vintage #Library #Chicago

Mountain hiking - around 1910

The bad old days: 1950s West German border police (left) stare down the East after a young woman makes it across the line #history

New York City, 1936

Two little kids dancing on the streets of New York City, c. 1940.

Speaking of Vintage Images, come hear Matthew Gilmore speak about his book Foggy Bottom and the West End in Vintage Images at the DC Public Library on Oct. 8 at 7pm!

One of the original sexy librarians 25 Vintage Photos of Librarians!

U.S. School children and workers returning home on a trolley at five pm, 1943 Baltimore, Maryland // Photo by Marjory Collins.

Walker Evans (American, 1903–1975). [Man and Woman on Coney Island Boardwalk, From Behind, Coney Island, New York], 1929. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Walker Evans Archive, 1994 (1994.251.168) © Walker Evans Archive, The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Snow in the street, Washington D.C, c. 1918

Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe, 1957. (Famous writers at the beach // Escritores famosos en la playa. www.eraseunavezqu...)

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