This House of Culture in Le Havre was constructed in 1982 by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. The building shaped like a volcano shelters a theatre and a cinema showing independent films.

Grimsvötn, Iceland

St. Servatius Basilica

Sulawesi (Indonesia) - Manado Tua

The Cliffs at Etretat

Basel Town Hall in Basel, Switzerland

Altiplano, South America

Seagaia Ocean Dome, Miyazaki, Japan. World's Largest Indoor Swimming Pool -Phoenix Seagaia Resort Hotel - Miyazaki, Japan. The "Ocean Dome" offers an sand beach, artificial volcano, wave generating machine, and a painted sunny skyline for a roof with a capacity for 10,000 people.

lamp post, Le Louvre, Paris

Antwerp Central Station

Pomeranian Dukes Castle

Le Volcan, Oscar Niemeyer,

Bruges, Belgium


Segovia Cathedral,Spain

Montreal, Canada

The Louvre

El Born, Barcelona

St. Tropez Balconies


Casa Batlló, Barcelona