Lisa Jordan -- felt and embroidery over stones

lisa's stones are so gorgeous!

felted and stitched stones by Lisa Jordan of lil fish studios

'Stepping Stones' Lisa Jordan 2013 - all naturally-dyed wool and thread set into aged poplar.

lisa jordan embroidery on felted stones

spring is in the stones - embroidered wool-covered stones by @Lisa Phillips-Barton Jordan


Felt Circles


Pink Druzi Wool Blanket

Quilt Felt Heart Ornament

Felt and embroidery

Artist Lisa Jordan makes these beautiful brooches by needle felting wool, and then implementing it to a found piece of oak. Her work is magical, because it is like you are viewing a mirrored reflection of the woods where she lives nearby.

Felted Stones tutorial

Painted stones

Lisa of Lil Fish Studios: Felted Acorns

Felted Stone Rug

stitched stone necklace by Lisa Jordan of lil fish studios

an idea of nature inspired pins. Love these leaves.

Wow! Nice Felt Clocks.

little felt faces