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In Union County, NJ, many soldiers of African ancestry answered President Lincoln’s call for troops during the Civil War and enlisted in regiments. They fought not only for country but also for their comrades in chains in the South and for the promise of equality that they had for so long been denied. Through their stories, never-before-seen photos and service records, local historian Ethel M. Washington tells a largely overlooked but riveting history of patriotic black servicemen.

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abraham lincoln gettysburg address images | Bill of Rights Institute: Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address ...Nov. 19, 1863.

Although Northern New York did not host any Civil War battles, it did not come out unscathed in the war between the states. Brave soldiers fought in many major clashes, such as those of Jefferson County’s 35th New York Volunteer Regiment. Civilians struggled for the cause, with many active Underground Railroad stops across the region. The war’s legacy lived on through the members of the Grand Army of the Republic, Harriet Tubman’s home in Auburn & John Brown’s burial place in North Elba.

This is a photo of a African American soldier. African American soldiers were stationed in France during World War II. This is one of many that serviced in the west, Western Europe. This photo has a inscription that reads "to nelson, always my ace, lucky". I do not know the identity of this person in the photo. But it states he was a African American soldier.

Oficial de la Unión con el "contrabando" de 1862 ... dos meses después de que esta esta foto fuese tomada, el presidente Lincoln firmó la Proclamación de Emancipación.