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from The Adventures of Thrive Farm

Goodbye Grass, Hello Garden

I am doing this...I have several areas in the yard I want to turn into flower beds but because of the clay it is a lot of hard work! Also, it would give me the winter to plan what I want to plant there. The easiest way to turn lawn into garden

from Lifehacker

Bag Gardens Help You Start Gardening Even if You Have Poor Soil

Grow veggies anywhere! Kiddie pools and the bags that potting soil come in can make garden beds if you don't have land to plant upon.

from Apartment Therapy

Olla Gardening: The Original Drip Irrigation System

Olla gardening is an ancient method of plant irrigation - considered the original drip irrigation system, Ollas are unglazed clay pots buried underground along side plants. The pots are filled with water, which then gradually seeps out through the porous walls into plants root zones. The Ollas are a very efficient watering system, especially convenient for regions that are prone to drought, and helpful for people who may have black thumb.