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Easy: Buy a disco ball with the same diameter as your globe. Take the globe out of the stand, poke to holes in the disco ball (top and bottom) and but that in the stand. Click the picture for what to do with that extra globe lyin around!

Wall gallery: inspiration for your walls

An Art-Filled Apartment in New York City

Everything about this apartment is so beautiful even though I typically go for simple and neutral apartments. I'd definitely tone it down a bit though, there's a few too many things for my taste but I love all the light, plants, and beautiful artwork.

A wonderfully relaxed, boho Skåne home (my scandinavian home)

Bright color isn't the only way to make a room interesting. There are plenty of other tools at your disposal — texture, contrast, pattern — that can make even a neutral toned space pretty fascinating. If you're not able to paint your space, or you just te

Clear Hanging Glass Globe Balls -- 100mm

My hanging glass balls can be seen in the December issue of Brides Magazine.Each glass ball can be connected to the other glass balls to make larger strands...

one pic. that bedroom! ((my) unfinished home)

one pic. that bedroom!, a home decor post from the blog (my) unfinished home, written by bianca on Bloglovin’

An Art-Filled Apartment in New York City

perfect 70's/scandanavian style - lots and lots of green, bright/light wood, some mid-century modern styles, lots of light, boho rug