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Fear of Flying Stop your Fear with these Simple and Effective Ideas

Learn how to overcome your fear of flying with tips on how to alleviate stress. How to program your brain, plus do's and don'ts of how to behave when having a panic attack.

Many people put “fear of flying” as one of their top anxieties in life. But in reality, driving in a car is the most hazardous activity we do each day. While driving has become as routine as brushing one’s teeth, it is critical to remember that driving is dangerous!

People fear the plane more than the car for many reasons, but the mainly trust and control issues.

Moon Handbooks: Florida Keys

Moon Handbooks: Florida Keys

World traveler Laura Martone shares the best ways to experience the Florida Keys, from diving the fascinating underwater coral reefs and shipwrecks of Key Largo to hiking and camping in the less touri

Learn how I cured my fear of flying. A lot of people suffer from this genuine anxiety - but it's good to know you can do something about it.

How I Cured My Fear of Flying – And By Fear I Mean Terror

Fear of flying is a real thing - I know, I suffered it for years. Here is how I stopped suffering and started to love flying again.

How to Cope with a Fear of Flying. We love that praying is included in this.

Fear of Flying : How I Cope

Here are six ways I deal with my fear of flying when traveling. Perhaps if you have a fear of flying too, they'll help you during your next air travel trip.

A Pilot's Secrets to Conquer Your Fear of Flying

A Pilot's Secrets to Conquer Your Fear of Flying

An accomplished commercial pilot and licensed therapist Captain Tom Bunn has developed the SOAR program to help you overcome a fear of flying.