Marbled blue // Record album cover -

Graphic Design & Art Direction by Jason Marc Wood

Wall to Wall Carpeting's album (Piliad Echons) artwork is based on the title of the band. It has lead the designers at Bend to experiment with basic insulating materials such as cork.

Balla Dora Typo-Grafika: Susannste Fanizen, Coverentwürfe Programmbuchreihe

Eve Warren / Record sleeve design concepts



Vinyl sleeve packaging

the vinyl factory PD

Alberto Saorin / Album art & packaging design - Hombre al Agua, Cuerpo a Tierra by Those

record sleeve

Interesting cover design that changes the more you look at it PD

album cover, cardboard, purple, duotone, packaging

Lina Forsgren   | "The brief was to make an identity for a band’s album. This identity is for an album by Astropol. The music is much about broken hearts. I formed a city of houses / a body of organs out of plaster. Each organ tells a broken heart story – a song. The identity consists of a double record vinyl, posters, stickers and web." I’m a freelancer / Design college student specializing in Graphic design and Illustration and in between that, most ...

Pantone. A bit like the Dulux concept a few years ago? Still wish I did it.

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FMP: Experimental Music Graphics. these designs are basic and plain but effective as the monochrome colours work well with the image that is smashing across the cover.

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Marina and the Diamonds album design

Album cover, geometry, shape.

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