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Too funny! Can't tell you how many times when Im blowdrying someone's hair I have to look at them and say, "WHAT???"

I do this all the time. its great for collars and hems. My Husband even does it :)

Hairstylists do experience this at times !!! Lol

YES. I think this every time I watch "What Not to Wear" and someone says "oh, but my husband/boyfriend/friend with benefits won't like it."

LOL!!! As a professional cosmetologist, i can't begin to say how many times I get clients (stupid teenagers mostly) asking for two or three layers in their hair. I wish i could post this in the shop. :)

( Pardon the curse word) My fellow hairstylist can more than appreciate this e-card!!!!! There's def those times you just want to point your arm to the side and say "Get out of my chair." Lol :)

You ain't nothing but a hound dog cryin all the time

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I'm dying

vintage humor

Dear Clients... I'm sorry, an hour & a half appointment is not enough time for a "soft & pretty" platinum blonde on shoulder length hair after 15 years of using blue-black boxed color. I do, however, have "one tube" left of "Orange as the almighty Sun" if you are interested.

I love grumpy cat

Sisters... if you don't get this reference, I feel bad for you

Justin's second grade picture....

This is too funny!!

True story @BeatrizH Giraldo @Diana Castillo @Sebastian Pérez Peláez

I’ve got a bad feline about this // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures


The Life of hairstylist

Everytime! -__-