Fantastical shrubbery!

Cloud Pruning (Niwaki). Cloud Pruning is pruning limbs in such a way as to create space between them and flatten the top and bottom. It gives the appearance of “clouds.” Sometimes it is a solution for problems like limited yard space.

Hedge? The grass used for these amazing feathery hedges is Pennisetum alopecuroides Hamelm. Maintenance is easy, the plants are just cut down in spring with shears and then they will grow to acheive their full potention by the end of summer. Wow.

I love this. I think of the love & patience & care that went into training this to grow just so. I imagine how peaceful it would be to work on this display of natural & man made beauty & it makes me smile.

box balls

Rosemary is the easiest to grow and it grows quickly, so if you're looking to add topiaries to your garden or porch, this is the best plant to choose!

An overhead detail of the late Nicole de Vesian's inspirational "sculpture" garden in Provence, where hundreds of box shrubs are pruned into mounds that resemble large pebbles.

Using a mirror to extend water feature and garden. Would you like to make your small garden look bigger?


Having trouble deciding on trees? Here is a guide to help you with all trees...ornamental, shade and evergreen trees.

Have a "Green" impact. Sophisticated and environmentally (more) friendly.

Manicured trees and shrubs - Lollipops

Photo from Jake Hobson’s book, The Art of Creative Pruning, published by Timber Press. #topiary #topiarygarden #topiarygardens #topiaryart #topiarycreations #topiaryanimals #plantsculpture

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The primary reason why is the most loved place for hedge users living in the United Kingdom is the wide array of hedging plants we offer.

Now that's something.

Love this side yard using drought tolerant plants - yellow climbing rose, lamb's ear, creeping thyme, lavender


moss chair

topiary contrast is the best!