These pointe shoes are SUPER dead, but they look pretty(;

I love pointe shoes. Even old ones, they show all the work you've been through

Ronnie Boehm | Dance Photography



with abandon

♀ black and white Movement

dancing in Paris♥♥♥

pointe shoes

You can take the girl out of the pointe shoes, but you can't take the pointe shoes out of the girl...


pretty ballet dance photo art for a card or wall poster print as a gift Love 'Dance' in the Group Board ♥ DANCE (BALLET, MODERN JAZZ, HIP HOP aso.) group board

ballet, pointe

Amazing. #dance #ballet #pointe Dancer: Oksana Bondareva

ballerina in sunset so pretty and would love to do with all my dance budds

You mentally choreograph simple routines to pretty much every song you hear. | 21 Problems Only Ballet Dancers Will Understand

dance dance


young pointe

So pretty!