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Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars

Thank you pinterest for making me a cool chef! :) My version of creamy chicken brocolli casserole. I didnt exactly follow the recipe bc i wanted to make it more flavorful so i used the following infredients; 6 cooked chicken drumstick put a tsp of salt Fr

Apple Pie Monkey Bread

Apple Pie Monkey Bread 2 cans biscuits count, Grands) ½ cup sugar 1 can apple pie filling ½ cup butter stick), melted ½ cup brown sugar 1 teaspoon cinnamon 6 tablespoons flour

Slow Cooker Brownie Pudding

Slow Cooker Brownie Pudding - this easy recipe is so gooey and chocolatey! It's just like a crockpot lava cake but made with brownies!

How To Make Caramel Apples

I haven't done this since the grade! I love this, it is the perfect thing to make just in time for fall.

Apple Pie Tacos

<3 APPLE PIE TACOS! <3 Calling all Apple Pie fans! These were AWESOME! Crispy Cinnamon Sugar Shell with a delicious Apple Pie filling!

Crack Rice Krispies

Crack Rice Krispies - yes, they're addicting!! { } A gooey marshmallow, caramel middle, drizzled with yummy chocolate! -Make it peanut butter and marshmallow and I'm in!