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Laughter not just makes us feel better in the moment, but delivers long-term health benefits as well. Laughter releases endorphins - our 'feel good' chemicals. Laughter therapy isn't complicated – just laugh away your blues and you'll be fine.

Peace, Joy, health and well being can be found within us, we not need seek the outside world, it is Within....

Quotes Of The Day – 11 Pics

Turns out that being awestruck is actually good for your health and well-being. What a great read!

Need to tell someone you're angry? Try this: Own your anger. Ask yourself: Why am I really mad? What did I want to happen that didn't happen? The answers will help you better understand your feelings and focus on what you need to say without hurting others.

A fun low-tech activity that does not require batteries and gives relaxation and a #stressfree environment? Yes - that's what #AdultColoringBooks can give you.

THIS is why ‪Adult Coloring Book is good for you! Learn more on how ‎Adult Coloring Books work and why this is so popular!