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Pencil Tip Micro Sculptures By Dalton Ghetti

Dalton Ghetti creates amazing art on the tips of used pencils, or in this case, carving into the side of it.


sculpture mine crayon-05

Dalton Ghetti – Impressive Pencil Tip Sculptures

Incredible Lead Pencil Sculptures by São Paulo-born artist Dalton Ghetti

Amazing pencil led art!!

Mind-blowing pencil led art- My personal favorite is the tiny chair.

Sculpture de crayon - Le Papier fait de la Résistance

The carved pencils are the work of Salavat Fidai, and they're incredible.

Existen todo tipo de expresiones artísticas plasmadas de las formas más insospechadas. Del arte se puede decir que es todo aquello que te hace ser mejor, que te engrandece en algo y te perfecciona. Puede manifestarse de diversas formas pero es arte si es para beneficio y goce de los otros. Para Tamayo, el arte …

Las esculturas en graffito de Dalton Guetti

Dalton Ghetti is a old carpenter from Bridgeport, Connecticut, and he has been carving the most incredible miniature sculptures for over 25 years without the aid of a magnifying glass. The tiny tip of a lead pencil.

A Carpenter graphite Pencil carved Knife by Geotjakra on deviantART

A Carpenter graphite Pencil carved Knife by Geotjakra on deviantART

amazing book sculpture.  I don't know who the artist is and I can't seem to find out.  Does anyone know?

amazing book sculpture Looks as if the books story is coming to life, interesting concept very well executed

pencil sculptures

Tiny pencil sculptures make a compelling point

Washington-based artist Diem Chau, who previously created a wonderful set of crayon sculptures, presents another set of miniature work.