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Delicious idea!

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classroom incentive for good behavior 20 brownies earns a treat decided on by the class.

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When a kid is doing what he/she is supposed to be doing and I catch him/her, that student then gets to sign his/her name in a box. At the end of the day, I roll a dice for the letter and the number. The student gets a reward....Behavior Management & teaches co-ordinate points

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instead of handing back papers all the time. Incredible idea.

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End of the year poem, attach with a class picture or individual picture of student/teacher

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Cute student gifts.

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I have used this is my classroom for three years. It works like a charm. The students love to see how many gum balls they can earn during the given time. I have either set the timer for the full amount of work time or set it for smaller increments of time. As a reward, if they reach the goal, I sometimes give a piece of bubble gum, or something toward a classroom goal for some other reward...For example I might give them a letter toward building the word Compliments.

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Previous class makes book for new class :) GREAT end of year activity!! and much less complicated than letters.

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No more treasure box! Great behavior coupons. I love the ideas in here, like Show & Tell. Students get to pick rewards that are meaningful to them! I think this is great for starting kids on the path to intrinsic motivation.

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When she is wearing her crown, nobody is supposed to interrupt her. She said it worked wonders, and I love the idea. She wears it during small groups.

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To display students' cute and creative!!

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Homeworkopoly! In our class, one of the most anticipated activities each week is Homeworkopoly, which you can learn more about at This is the only reward/incentive system I use in class. This summer, I adapted the gameboard to meet the needs of my class and to match our room. There are two files if you are interested... 1. Homework Board 2. Homework Cards How to Play: Each student who has completed all homework assignments for the week gets one turn…

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to get rid of the "treasure box" rewards.

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"Challenge capsules" for students who finish early-- keep those high achievers moving :)

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Classroom reward system- If the class shows great behavior, they will get to color in a letter tile of their choice. When every tile is colored in, the students will win that specific award. I just googled "Scrabble Font" and downloaded it for free. :)

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5Th Grade Classroom Discipline

Chit chat chart- pull a square of the chart when a child is talking while the teacher is talking. If all 3 are pulled before recess. I have been having a really chatty class lately. I think this could work in my room.


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Did our Classroom Organization 101 post leave you wanting more? Here are some advanced organization systems to get your teacher life organized and class running smoothly...

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5 Things You Should Say to Your Class Every Day

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One Pinner said: this resource is going to take me FOREVER to explore! TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF!! :) OMG this is like a new teachers bible--I can't wait to dive in!!

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Great idea for teachers!