Disney World!@madiimoore lol

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I do this all the time.

Sounds like a good plan

Yeah! :)

This is my dream job.

It's really you!!..It's really me!! Snow White and cute baby meet, look at the baby's face...precious!!

My all-time favorite Disney Princess. Have literally loved her for at least 24 years. She taught me how to use the VCR.


Love Mickey

what I think when someone says to me while watching disney movies "And how old are you?"


Disney vhs tapes. I can't watch any of my movies anymore because I only have these and no vhs player :(

I am a princess.

I call it home <3

Take me back to Disney... Please!

Sounds like a plan to me!


Funny Friendship Ecard: Everyone needs a smart-assed, sarcastic friend. I'm so happy to be of service to you.

Lol it's true