Tigers can swim...

Some awesome pictures from the National Geographic’s Photography Contest 2011

Halong Bay, Vietnam, National Geographic 2011

This image was taken of a Cormorant Fisherman on the Li River in Southern China in the early morning. Photo by Simon Morris, Southern China National Geographic


Bengal tiger captured during run through water. The slow shutter speed helps give a dramatic effect

ALLPE Medio Ambiente Blog Medioambiente.org : Las mejores fotografías de naturaleza de 2011

British Columbia, Canada, In a moss-draped rain forest in British Columbia, towering red cedars live a thousand years, and black bears have white coats. They are known to the local people as spirit bears. (Photo by Paul Nicklen via National Geographic)

Tiger resting on a Buddha Head.  #breathtaking

Funny pictures about A tiger resting on Buddha's head. Oh, and cool pics about A tiger resting on Buddha's head. Also, A tiger resting on Buddha's head.

A photo from Tim Flach's book - More Than Human: Striking Portraits of Animals. Not sure where this fellow's feathers have gone..

More Than Human: Tim Flach’s Striking Portraits of Animals

thedailyfeed: What the pluck! Award-winning photographer Tim Flach snapped this phenomenal shot of a featherless chicken in mid-stride as part of his latest project “More Than Human.