#DIY - they say it's the BEST playdough recipe, hands down. and you make it with JELLO!

2 silly putty recipes!

If you have kids, or even if you have ever been around kids, you know that they just love bubbles. While there are a lot of bubble recipes out there, not all of them will give you bubbles that your kids can actually play with. Most will pop just as soon as you blow them.

How to make erupting ice chalk paint - summer recipe for play!

Homemade slime...just in time for Halloween! Great project for kids or even a class party at school. #Halloween

Sock bubbles...it took 3 mins to make & is soooo cool. The kids are gonna love it! Our favorite pinterest find yet!

Super-fun balloon rockets also teach an important science lesson.

Homemade glitter recipe- easy and fun to make and kids feel such a sense of pride when using art materials they made themselves!

Kid Craft: Paper Japanese Flying Carp (it's called a koinobori) For older kids, have them write a fun fact about karps on a separate piece of paper.

Water Play Fun Ideas

The Best Homemade Playdough Recipe

Recipes for moon sand, flubber, sidewalk paint, window paint, play dough, shaving cream paint, bubbles, and more.

Homemade Play Doh

Snow Playdough. #holidayentertaining

Cloud Dough

All the recipes for make your own...Play doh, bath paint, colored pasta, big bubbles, sidewalk chalk,finger paints,colored rice, glues, spray paints, pavement paint and more.

Fruity playdough

Play Dough Recipes

DIY Salt Dough Handprint, just did this it turned out beautiful! Make sure your oven is at like 205 degrees :)

Snow Day Activity For Kids – How To Make Snow Playdough

Baking Soda Play Dough. it's flourless!