Soap wrapped in a washcloth, tied with ribbons, button eyes, coke bottle cap noses and pipe cleaner antlers. Found this idea on here and made some adjustments with the items I had around the house ;). Soap and cloths from the dollar store ;).

Upcycled Beer Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament

bottle cap snowmen ornaments... Finally something to do with all my beer bottle caps lol

these stylish leaves are fabric ones from the dollar store... dipped into plaster of paris. FABulous idea for garlands, wreaths, table decor, and more...

White spray paint & glitter over colorful village home from Dollar Store. I'm doing this tomorrow!!

Dollar Store trip = wedding gift, housewarming gift and you could make napkins to match. :) Idea: making a table cloth from tea/kitchen towels - new or used.

DIY: Create lovely Bell or cloche jars...dollar store votives or glass containers, flat marbles, glass glue...done!

DIY – Bottle cap snowmen

Mason Jar Dollar Store Craft - Easy DIY Prism Light #diy #masonjar #crafts

What a unique way to create a holiday glow! I was delighted to come across this unique winter craft created by SaltTree- simply made with a mason jar, miniature street light found at a dollar store (that really lights up!), glue, white glitter, and fake snow. I think these would make special holiday night lights or look great on a Christmas mantle

Make a Beaded Chandelier

Spray paint some dollar store fangs for great card holders with person's name on them and/or what the food on a buffet is.

Craft tutorial: North Pole street light (made from solar path light). I. could. die.

Stocking stuffer? Cute gift idea......Get an inexpensive umbrella from the dollar store and dangled bills from the inside so that when opened up – tada! A little something for a rainy day… And tons of other cute ways to give money as a gift.

Ping Pong Ball Lamp


THE cutest Christmas ornaments in the history of Christmas ornaments!

window ornament garlands

recycled owl art

Hula Hoop Chandelier

DIY "Crystal" Ornaments.