2 siberian tigers by Jutta Kirchner. "So I got out my camera and decided to take some pictures. But at the moment I took the photos it looked like they were dancing. One of them rose up on his hind legs and the other one did the same. Their paws met and it looked like they were dancing ballroom style."

Leopard, posturing to impress a female. Mohammed Alnaser, Londolozi Private Game Reserve in Sabi Sands, South Africa


White siberian tiger

Tigers in the snow

Siberian tigers. One of my very favorite animals.

Siberian Tiger

So ummmm, you come here often?


Tiger playing in water

Two Siberians by Dr. Maurice G. Hornocker

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Siberian Tiger

white tigers

Even baby tigers hate when their mom cleans their #cute baby Animals| http://baby-animals-957.blogspot.com

The love of a great best

<3 Tiger mom and babies posing for a beautiful family portrait <3

Amazing Wildlife. Tiger photo #tiger