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Brown American Cocker Spaniel Puppies | Cute Puppy Dogs

Picture of american cocker spaniel puppy with paws over white foreground stock photo, images and stock photography.

❤ puppies. How adorable!!  (Thanks Lori)

cutest things ive ever seen in a bread basket. newborn cavalier king charles When I'm old and can't travel I want one of these.

please come back....hurry...this is why I can't get a dog :-(  But I'm outnumbered in my house so I'm sure it's coming in the near future!

Love this face! Precious, he wants me to come play with him, right? How does a human with feelings not love a face like that?

28 Dogs and Puppies Pictures

28 Dogs and Puppies Pictures

There are so many pets euthanized each day because there are not enough homes. Breeders add to the over population. Please adopt not buy. This baby will soon be an adult and if not adopted at a shelter, dogs like this healthy pup will be euthanized.

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