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Directions to make a bird seed wreath.

Bird Seed Wreath

birdseed wreath 4 cups of wild bird seed cup of warm water 1 envelope of Knox gelatin a cup of flour bundt pan nonstick spray 3 tbl.

How to make a Birdfeeder - a recipe for science and fun all rolled into one!

Break out the glue for a fun and funky DIY bird seed feeder craft the kids will love getting their hands dirty for.

Great ideas and tutorials for DIY birdfeeders. Fun projects and designs to feed the birds! http://blessmyweeds.com/handmade-bird-feeder-ideas-for-your-garden/?utm_content=bufferef126&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

Handmade Bird Feeder Ideas for Your Garden

Great ideas for 10 homemade birdfeeders. Great ideas and tutorials for DIY birdfeeders. Fun projects and designs to feed the birds!

Birdseed Wreath super easy and the kids can help... we made them for grandpas, and neighbors.

Outdoor Water Features

Recipes We Love: Gifts from the Kitchen (idea Birdseed cups bird seed feed; cup all purpose flour; 1 pkge of plain gelatin; bundt pan or other mold

Homemade Birdseed Feeders

February is National Bird Feeding Month. Here are 10 birdseed feeders that are easy and fun for the whole family to make!

peanut butter bird treats

DIY bird feeders best ideas for bird lovers

Quick and Easy Peanut Butter Bird Treats. Bread Cookie cutter Peanut butter (I’ve heard you can also use Crisco), Birdseed, Yarn, Skewer (or a tapestry needle will work)

Butterflies & Feeder Tutorial

Make A DIY Butterfly Feeder In 6 Easy Steps Encourage butterflies to visit your yard and pollinate your plants by making a butterfly feeder. It& easy!


Bird House using an old shoe.a license plate would be cute for the roof. Funny no self respecting bird would go near my brothers old shoes