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pod chairs

Awesome looking 'Liquid' Mirrors! These are just so cool looking and unique! Click image for more interesting liquid mirror designs.

A lamp with take along glow balls for walking places in the middle of the night...COOLEST THING EVER

ideas, ideas :)

Coolest Sleeping pods for some serious napping job | Designbuzz

Fruit neat! Better then a bowl sitting on the counter!

this is the coolest thing ever... it's a patio, paddling tpool, spa, swimming pool! what???? You HAVE to watch this! Love it!

i seriously want this..

Star projector. ($22, believe it or not.)

pod bed..... that would be cool for a teen. OMG! omg omg! omg i NEEEED this bed!!

A girl can Dream..


12 Coolest Bedding Sets -

LED mood lamp (changes colors and dims with just a touch)

Bed Risers with Built-In Power Strips | 24 Household Items You Won't Believe You Don't Own Yet

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book-bed (1)

This company makes bookshelves to fit in your doorway and make a secret room.