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Antonetti's AP Literature Discussion Page - Resources for Naylor’s Linden Hills and Dante’s Inferno

Designate one student as the “Ask Me” student who can answer the questions of other students while you’re busy assisting others. | 37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks

Teachers: the Hang-Ups Family Organizer is perfect to use in the classroom!

The new Common Core Standards requires students to closely read text and defend their ideas. Use these bookmarks to help students remember ------ adapt to art analysis of artwork

10 Ways to Use Google Drawings in the Classroom

Awesome questions to get kids thinking about books! Click to read the full article on close reading strategies.

The goal of close reading is to gradually release responsibility to students, a shift from the teacher modeling close reading strategies to students employing strategies independently. The role of the teacher is to make these strategies visible to students through thinking aloud, modeling, and posting anchor charts for reference. In this article are some strategies that set the stage for students to interact with a text through an independent analysis and group discussion with peers.

interactive learning through challenges - cool ideas for secondary classrooms

Literary Periods Timeline | Honors English 10 World Literature |

dante's inferno levels of hell - Google Search

How to use a Google form as an assignment dropbox.

All complaints about English class...

Did they learn anything? Questions and prompts with language from the learning framework to quickly assess students' learning

Persuasive Writing - love this written, as it applies to modern and traditional!

Evolving English Teacher: Image Annotation: A Close Reading Strategy with a Twist

Check out this blog post for tons of excellent anchor charts!

How to Get One Dollar Color Classroom Posters

Writing Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences (This FREEBIE will help the kids with writing these sentences!!!)

There is an add-on specifically for Google Forms that will AUTOMATICALLY grade responses! It reduced my grading tremendously!

A Giant List of Living Literature for Teaching Geography - each continent would make a great unit study