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Way cool

With bright hair colors becoming more and more popular I thought a quick showcase of a bunch of hair rainbows would be great. Hopefully you’ll get some inspiration to create your own attentio…


Blue streaks in my hair! I would totally dye it ALLLLLL blue if my work would let me. I like this gal's hairstyle but I am thinking a different shade of blue. My hair is brown so I am not sure how it would look. Love the color combo though!

bridal hair styles

Really beautiful pin up hair style with victory rolls and a hot corset!

Fall Obsession: Brown Hair To Color Ombres

Fall Obsession: Brown Hair To Color Ombres

Blue ombre // wonder how this would look, instead of just doing the whole under layers. Am I old enough to do the old lady blue hair? Maybe I could pull this look off?

If only the Corporate handbook no longer stated, "no wild hair colors"...

Don't really like the bright red hair color, but the blonde chunks look too cute on this hairstyle.