This is so crazy! I have never heard of these before! Sunglasses, but in contact form. Great for running outside this summer

Nike Maxsight Contact Lenses

Not sire how I feel about this +Nike Maxsight Contact Lenses.instead of sunglasses wear these tinted contact lenses and you won't be squinting. This would be cool for Climbing or sports where you don't want to wear sunglasses. Also, a summer wedding.

@BeyondFitAustin this video makes a lot more sense to me. “Hip torque”, toe angle, and squatting | 70's Big

BeyondFitAustin this video makes a lot more sense to me. Hip torque, toe angle, and squatting

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Running Makes Me Happy

The+Best+Strength+Training+for+Women Photo+by:+Nicolai+Grossell

Weight Training for Women: The Ultimate Strength Training Plan by Women's Health Magazine (pinning now to read later)

Demon Bells - Performance Kettlebell

This company makes some pretty awesome looking kettle bells. Check this one - "Hannya" Demon Bell - Because I sure do love my kettle bell!

Just did this and can definitely feel it! #ab workout

300 rep ab workout for those students who want to show off their 6 pack during the summer