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Cheek'd - Saw this on Shark Tank and was highly impressed with the owner as well as what she's looking do to in the world of dating. I hope she's a rabid success with this as it gets people out of their self-created-box and out into the world to be with others, share with others, love others, and leave this world a better place for all.

Surprise Ride: Do hands-on activities and explore a new theme every month. From art and science to food and geography. Perfect for ages 6-11. Supplies and instructions included. Starting at $24.99 / Month Free shipping

funbites what to do with it? video reviews and cute bento's

Beverage Boy on Shark Tank Floating Beverage Cooler

Saw Off the Cob Founder, Cameron Sheldrake, on Shark Tank tonight. The sharks were complaining that his chips are $3 a bag. Ummmm, have they been to the store recently? $3 is plenty reasonable especially for an organic snack! They didn't end up investing, but they seemed to like his product. I hope someone helps him out and I hope to try these soon!

Carryacountry back packs as seen on Shark Tank. 20% of the profits go back to the country.

Alexa Meade with one of her "living paintings" (paint applied to real person).

Dunder Mifflin T-shirt from the TV show the Office by urbanaddictsales on Etsy

Throwable Panoramic Camera Ball by Jonas Pfeil via make: Toss the ball into the air. At the peak of its flight, a spherical panorama is captured by 36 mobile phone camera modules. Check out the video! #Camera #Jonas_Pfeil #Panoramic_Camera_Ball