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This is real and it's pretty scary. Read for yourself and decide. We've all agreed to the TOS. I don't want to leave but I don't want a lawsuit either. The article from the lawyer (link at the bottom) is very informative and easy to understand.

yes   So true! As soon as I hit "Pin" , I say #@$%!  Especially if the comment makes everyone think that I already tried this Pin.

i was pinning like crazy the other day and then I realized I didn't edit the pin comments.pretty sure thats why some people are ticked.

dear noah. letterpress card van shopsaplingpress op Etsy

Dear Noah, We could have sworn you said the ark wasn't leaving till Sincerely, The Unicorns

100 Leuke koosnaampjes voor als je even geen inspiratie meer hebt | NSMBL.nl

I love this sign. and I love pancakes. I want to make it for my kitchen

Pinterest Addicts – 10 Signs That You Are Addicted to Pinterest. Like I need 10 of them to tell me I'm an addict....lol

10 Signs that You are a Pinterest Addict

This is me before doing ANYTHING.just one more pin.just one more pin.I can get one more pin in.

can't wait...

I can't wait to tell my kids I was born before the internet and cell phones

.. i try so hard.. but I just can't do it

Funny pictures about I pretend to be normal. Oh, and cool pics about I pretend to be normal. Also, I pretend to be normal.

We ALWAYS find things out. Which is why you shouldn't lie!

A little Inspiration - Never underestimate a Girl's ability to find things out!

I don't hate u...

I am definatly going to start saying this to people. Maybe I'll start with friends first and then work up to people I'm not necessarily excited about with their existence?

Isn't that the pinning truth? by fay

The irony of Gooey desserts and motivational quotes about diet and exercise.

Oops...I guess I have the mind of an 8 year old girl because I LOVE comic sans.  I think whoever made this is just hoity toity and probably not very fun. ;)

"Comic Sans is never a acceptable font. Unless you are an 8 year old girl writing a poem about unicorns." - part of the 'Confessions of a Designer' series, designed by Anneke Short This is exactly what my teacher says

That might help, lol

Free and Funny Reminders Ecard: It's true money can't buy happiness, but I'd cheer up much faster while sitting poolside in a loungechair outside of my oceanfront mansion.

my whole life summed up in one statement. thoughtdubber

Goes along with, "Well don"t ask for my opinion if you don't want to hear it!