Genre Studies to teach reading
Real Classroom Ideas, an online library of classroom ideas
AGAAGG ( A girl and a glue gun) awesome blog!!! once again shows a fun way to redo things.  garbage can + spray paint = awesome!
465+ pages of ORGANIZATION for your classroom! This product comes in both a PDF (beautiful for printing) and an editable Power Point. PLUS all of the CCSS for grades K-5, and completely editable excel files for lesson planning and grade book options! There are also 3 tutorials to answer any questions that you may have. Come check this one out! $
This website has resources to teach you about the Common Core Standards, then will help you align your materials.  Afterwards, you can publish your materials for other teachers to purchase.
Love this idea of a student board for data. dry erase calender for events, and folders for students to turn papers in
Perfect since all kids love to tell stories of what they did the night before or over the weekend.
Cover any open shelves (meaning shelves and cabinets that lack doors) to hide the visual clutter.
organize, organize, organize
Put duct tape on ziplock bags, now you can punch holes in them and store them in a binder and they won't rip!  Lots of possibilities