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nitrogen trip by Alexander Safonov, via Behance

Thresher Shark. #WOWanimals #WOWparksandzoos

Shark Selfie Photobomb - The old shark selfie photo bomb... Nailed it. Dailyhaha is your daily dose of laughs!

Hammerhead Shark

I'd prob faint if I was in this boat...super scary!!

This is such a beautiful photograph. Click through to the web site, there are some other amazing images too.

The bowmouth guitarfish (Rhina ancylostoma), also called the shark ray or mud skate, is a species of ray and the sole member of the family Rhinidae. A rare fish, it is vulnerable to extinction for numerous reasons: fins for soup, bycatch, food, blast fishing, coral bleaching, siltation, and more.

Shark phone case!

Stop finning you're destroying a large portion in the food chain

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Down deep beneath the surface of the ocean there lives a gang of Sharks. These Sharks search and search for food until they are satisfied .Sharks are a Beautiful creature to look at but they can also be very dangerous if antagonized .

the electrical current receptors on the snout of a shark are so sensitive that they can detect a millionth of a volt

The SS-2011 campaign shot by Terry Richardson is titled “Life’s a Beach” and stars British model Lily Donaldson.

Although shark attacks are rare, and the risk is often minimal, they do still occur so here at Ready Tribe, we thought you guys and gals might like a few t

Great White Shark at sunrise

~~Sinuous Silky Shark by Paul Colley | Earth Shots~~


Blue Shark with Pilot fish - Tony Meyer Blues are one if my favorite shark species, one if the most graceful animals on earth.

Absolutely amazing picture. Can't wait for Shark Week.

"Make Room for Me!" Eden Rock, Grand Cayman Photo by Amanda Nicholls Amazing Underwater Photography

We made a book using photographs of the children with the shark in different positions. We used predictable, repetitive text to promote independent re-reading of the book.