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    Fantastic photo of a couple of Amazon River Dolphins, Inia geoffrensis: ~ see more photos at

    **Eleventh Prize**: Doc White. *Blue whale krill*.

    **Eight Prize**: Francis Perez. *Green sea turtles*.

    Plankton by Parafilms. Plankton are a multitude of living organisms adrift in the currents.

    Pipehorse, Kyonemichthys rumengani. This animal is < 1 cm long. Found at the house reef, in the seagrass area, at ~ 5 m.

    Stern riding by quarrresma / João Quaresma, via Flickr

    Lucernaria quadricornis!

    dolphins and sharks

    Blue ribbon eels

    Ummm, no. Not here.

    Sailfish hits sardine by Shawn Heinrichs @BlueSphereMedia journal.bluespher...

    Spinecheek Anemonefish by Alastair Pollock

    Grouper & juvenile wrasse cleaner by Dany Weinberg

    Frogfish by Dany Weinberg

    Whale shark silhouette by echeng, via Flickr

    Manatee (Photo Credit: Yusuke Okada)

    Photograph by Thomas P. Peschak Fishermen's lights attract plankton, and plankton attract young whale sharks in Djibouti's coastal waters. In 2008 the United Arab Emirates banned whale shark fishing—a sign of growing awareness of the importance and vulnerability of Arabia's seas. www.thomaspeschak... National Geographic

    reef life


    'RISE' - CORAL REKINDLING VENUS TRAILER by Felix Media. Antony has written a new song about the corals 'RISE'.

    Whale #Shark

    Mealy good: Bryde's whale expels air and water from mouth through baleen plates after swallowing the sardines. Photo by Doug Perrine.

    Bobbit worm is a fantastic critter, one of the largest of all polychaetes (reaching 3 meters in length and thick as a bratwurst), with a colourful cuticle and armed with a pair of heavily toothed jaws that command respect. (via Deep Sea News)