Flight MH370: Infographic Shows Just How Insanely Deep In The Ocean The Missing Jet Might Be ~ http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/04/09/flight-mh370-infographic-deep-ocean-missing-jet-picture_n_5117572.html


Amazing infographic really drive home the depth of the missing Malaysia Airline ‪#‎Flight370‬ problem

GHA Brand Alignment / Website / Infographic Series by Hype & Slippers , via Behance

Eye Tracking 101: How Your Eyes Move on a Website

Mindful Living (OurMLN.com): Mindful stats and info on dreams... I really like the colors and how they're used, the layout and clean sections.

A Comprehensive Guide to Symbolism

25 years of ocean debris collected -- cigarette butts top the list!

seven summits. by audree lapierre of ffunction.

This is super clean and avoids the info graphic cliché of using huge, cramped type set in League Gothic. Since the primary data/info being discussed is the exploded view of the car, the majority of ink is devoted to that. In other words, this has a really high data-density. The way color is used is awesome as well--no more than is necessary but it doesn't feel too barren either. I really like that there is actually so little color in this, but so many colors. Also F1 cars are cool.

Cool Web Design on the Internet, Her Coffee Affair. #webdesign #webdevelopment #website @ http://www.pinterest.com/alfredchong/web-design/

Our Amazing Planet: Top To Bottom

GD Infographics#3-Infographic: #nhs spending. A very creative and touching photo used as the graph for this particular infographic. The information also touched upon the two most important statistics for the subject matter so that the message of correlation is addressed.



I love space and facts. This is a very cool infographic posted in more than one part because of its scale.

44 days of sleep infographic

Your Desk Job Makes You Fat, Sick & Dead - found on Mashable

cool info graphics


Titanic anniversary: Follow the ship down to the bottom of the ocean | Graphics | News | National Post