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    Sick Sea Lions Flood Shelters in California Pups Wash Ashore All Along the Coast Amid What Scientists Say Are Strains on the Ocean / How to help: Visit/volunteer/give to the Marine Mammal Center: www.marinemammalc...

    The World’s Ocean Plastic Pollution Problem Just Got Bigger—A Lot Bigger

    Global Trade - U.S. Reaches Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal With 11 Pacific Nations - WSJ - Pin with a Grin - Curated: John McLaughlin, Master Day Trading Coach - Day Trading Stocks - – Bio – Day Trading Coach - - Stock Trading – (Services) - - #woldtrade #daytradingstocks #daytradingstrategies

    A Spaceship For The Sea | Popular Science

    The number of people potentially exposed to future sea level rise and associated storm surge flooding may be highest in low-elevation coastal zones in Asia and Africa.

    Before and after shots of an endangered green sea turtle which underwent surgery in March to have tumors removed from its eyes after being rescued by the Turtle Hospital in Marathon.

    Newly discovered juvenile whale shark aggregation in Red Sea

    Householders and businesses need to plan long-term flood prevention

    Food for millions at risk | Sea Change: Ocean acidification | The Seattle Times

    Nature, Netherlands, Science - In the second half of June 2014 sport divers encountered a new species of sea slug in the Oosterschelde. - 58th Dutch sea slug species, Aeolidiella alderi., Aeolidiella glauca, Aeolidiella sanguinea, Gekraagde vlokslak, Kleine vlokslak, Verborgen vlokslak

    Our Deadened, Carbon-Soaked Seas - The New York Times

    Fossil Fuels Will Save the World (Really?) - Shale is U.S., Wait for Shale to go Global, Oil and Gas a Plenty? - How about Methane Hydrate (Seafloor Gas)? A Must Read! - WSJ - Curated: John McLaughlin, Master Day Trading Coach - - Day Trading Stocks, NEW School - Go Social - Sharing is Caring: Facebook - - Linkedin - - StockTwits - - #shaleoil #oil #gas #methanehydrate

    Australia's Sea Cows Struggle to Survive Poachers

    Rising sea levels threaten South Florida | The Rundown | PBS NewsHour “We’re suffering while everyone is arguing man-made or natural,”

    Beach invasion - Otter Rock, Oregon - Plastic is as ubiquitous as sand. This was from about a year before the Japanese Tsunami. It's the normal everyday state of the ocean not the aftermath of a catastrophe | Photo by Jason Karn on Flickr | Permission: CC BY-ND 2.0