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A sea otter pup trapped in a single use plastic bag! Fortunately mum was able to remove it before her baby suffocated and drowned. PLEASE recycle and make sure plastic is disposed of correctly. Take part in local clean up operations (whether you live on the coast or not) This will help prevent dreadful entanglement issues such as this one.

Happy #EarthDay! Are you interested in learning about ways to reduce your plastic use? Our Plastics Unwrapped exhibit explores how plastics went from being rare to being everywhere and potential ways we can rethink our relationship with plastics. #RethinkPlastics

let's prevent this...easily done, so do it!

Plastic Ocean

Drowning in plastic...Enough plastic is-2 (640x640)

Beach invasion - Otter Rock, Oregon - Plastic is as ubiquitous as sand. This was from about a year before the Japanese Tsunami. It's the normal everyday state of the ocean not even the aftermath of a catastrophe | Photo by Jason Karn on Flickr |

The Most Dangerous Species in the Mediterranean: Infographic

Marine Pollution is 60 to 80% plastic. Say no to plastic bags! Pledge to stop using plastic bags http://www.seathos.org/projects/bag-ban/

.@IrinaGreenVoice: This Is How Your Plastic Bag Ends Up In Massive Ocean Garbage Patches http://huff.to/1iGc7Mz  pic.twitter.com/bR0lm7xwXc

less plastic more life

Ocean Garbage infographic

plastic pollution in the ocean-

How plastic garbage affects marine life #infographic #marinedebris

Reduce your use of plastic! & keep our oceans clean!

Plastic trash on a beach in Hawaii

11 simple ways to save the ocean from turning into plastic soup

Reduce (or even eliminate) your use of Plastics

Take the plastics pledge http://oceana.org/en/living-blue/plastics-pledge

marine debris - "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch"

From the sea.

Gray whale dies bringing us a message — with stomach full of plastic trash. http://csglobe.com/gray-whale-dies-bringing-us-message/ #SeaShepherd #defendconserveprotect