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    • Karen Henderson

      This is a seaotter mother freeing her pup who is incasd in a plastic bag. Plastic Pollutes! : – Inspiring Conservation through Education

    • Devon Anne

      Plastic pollutes! Sea otter pup encased in a single-use plastic bag. Fortunately mom was able to remove the bag before the pup suffocated.

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    A sea otter pup trapped in a single use plastic bag! Fortunately mum was able to remove it before her baby suffocated and drowned. PLEASE recycle and make sure plastic is disposed of correctly. Take part in local clean up operations (whether you live on the coast or not) This will help prevent dreadful entanglement issues such as this one.

    Happy World Oceans Day 2014! Join the MarineBio Conservation Society: Discover 101+ ways you can help protect ocean life: Learn more about World Oceans Day at Photo Credit ~ Christian Vizl: - www.christianvizl... / Christian Vizl UWPhotography:

    **Honorable mention**: Linda Drake.

    How plastic garbage affects marine life #infographic #marinedebris

    How many gigatons of carbon ...?

    Sea butterflies, Limacina helicina... a species of small swimming predatory sea snails which are a keystone species of mesozooplankton in Arctic pelagic ecosystems. Find out more:,, PDF: www.biogeoscience...,, and

    Pteropod mollusk sea angels (Clione limacina)

    Sea angel with open mouth by Alexander Semenov, White Sea Biological Station, Russia

    The whale trap ~ THE craggy coast and wild seas that give Tasmania's West and North-West coasts their beauty also make the region a deadly trap for whales and dolphins. The latest beachings just over a week ago resulted in 82 dolphins and pilot whales dying in two separate mass strandings on King and New Year islands.

    Forecast: Hotter Climate Models Likely Right ~ More than two dozen major climate models are being used to forecast global warming from rising greenhouse gas emissions—notably how much warming will occur when atmospheric carbon dioxide doubles from preindustrial times. At current rates that unhappy milestone will be reached well before 2100. So which models are more accurate?

    Activists scramble to save over 100 pilot whales in Taiji—Updated Read more: www.digitaljourna...

    Brooklyn Aquarium

    "Injured sea lion," Espiritu Santo Biosphere Reserve, Baja California, Mexico — An inquisitive young sea lion bears a “necklace of death” — monofilament fishing line cutting into its neck.

    "Reflective Sheen," Fishermen’s Terminal, Seattle — A commercial salmon troller is reflected in an oil sheen at Fishermen’s Terminal.

    Ocean Garbage infographic

    Garbage from humans in the oceans is wreaking havoc on its wildlife!

    marine debris - "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch"

    JAWStory - Save The Sharks

    Status of the shark #sharks #sharkfinning

    Infographic on shark finning and the importance of sharks in marine ecosystems - Pew Environment Group

    Four accredited U.S. aquariums have come together in an effort to save a newborn Beluga whale calf which was found stranded in South Naknek, Alaska last week - this is the first time in history that a live calf has been found and rescued in U.S. waters.

    Meet Jack and Daisy. These two harbour porpoises have amazing survival stories to share with you. They were both found as very young animals stranded on beaches, Jack in 2011 in Horseshoe Bay and Daisy in 2008 off the coast of Vancouver Island. No one knows how or why they were stranded but the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre was called in on both cases to help right away.

    A former Florida reef, destroyed by global warming..

    Take the plastics pledge