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Deep-sea Alvin sub turns 50 ~ Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution ~

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Pushing frontiers of deep sea exploration

Amphipods are the most abundant of free-swimming creatures in the deepest depths

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Mystery of the flatfish head solved

Mystery of the flatfish head solved

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Sea otters can get the flu, too: Human H1N1 pandemic virus infected Washington State sea otters


Four new species of carnivorous sponge discovered on the deep sea floor along the west coast of North America prefer scampi to fries, or other vegetables

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In pictures: Microscopic marine life

Larvae: Although adult echinoderms (sea stars and kin) we are used to seeing have radial symmetry, their larvae start out with bilateral as do most vertebrates. These larval brittle stars are an important pelagic stage for dispersal of their bottom-bound parents. They capitalize on the abundance of food in the plankton to support early growth prior to metamorphosis and settlement to the sea floor.

When things go wrong for denizens of the deep ~ Whale strandings have all the makings of a drama, as a couple of documentary-makers discovered. Tom McKinlay reports.


Arctic Biologist Shares Astonishing Sea Creatures With the World

A stalked jellyfish (Lucernaria quadricornis). These cnidarians can be regarded as an overgrown polyp, one end of which has partly differentiated into a medusa. The ‘tufts’ of the feeding tentacles are clearly visible. Photo: Alexander Semenov

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The hidden beauty of plankton: Incredible microscopic sea creatures caught on camera

Micro marvels: sea anemone larvae

Some look like punks, others like clowns. A seasonal census is uncovering a wide variety of sea slug species in a biodiversity hotspot #nature #sealife #sea #newscientist #punk


Are We in the Midst of a Sixth Mass Extinction?

Are We in the Midst of a Sixth Mass Extinction? -

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Dizzying Infographic Shows How Insanely Deep In The Ocean The Missing Malaysian Airlines Jet Might Be (PICTURE)

Flight MH370: Infographic Shows Just How Insanely Deep In The Ocean The Missing Jet Might Be ~

'Unprecedented' killings of protected sea lions; fishermen suspected -

18 Mind blowing STARFISH PHOTOS and FACTS Sea star or Star fish (asteroidea), is not actually a fish. The most popular type is the starfish with 40 to 50 “spokes”. They have no brain, or blood. We can find more than 2,000 types of sea stars worldwide.

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Sea life 'must swim faster to survive' to survive climate change

Sea life 'must swim faster to survive' to survive climate change