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Deep-sea Alvin sub turns 50 ~ Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution ~

from BBC News

Pushing frontiers of deep sea exploration

Amphipods are the most abundant of free-swimming creatures in the deepest depths

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Sea otters can get the flu, too: Human H1N1 pandemic virus infected Washington State sea otters

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from ScienceDaily

Mystery of the flatfish head solved

Mystery of the flatfish head solved

Four new species of carnivorous sponge discovered on the deep sea floor along the west coast of North America prefer scampi to fries, or other vegetables

from the Guardian

In pictures: Microscopic marine life

Larvae: Although adult echinoderms (sea stars and kin) we are used to seeing have radial symmetry, their larvae start out with bilateral as do most vertebrates. These larval brittle stars are an important pelagic stage for dispersal of their bottom-bound parents. They capitalize on the abundance of food in the plankton to support early growth prior to metamorphosis and settlement to the sea floor.