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    Deep-sea Alvin sub turns 50 ~ Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution ~

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Deep-sea Alvin sub turns 50 ~ www.davegranlund.... Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution ~

Flight MH370: Infographic Shows Just How Insanely Deep In The Ocean The Missing Jet Might Be ~ www.huffingtonpos...

Raising the Costa Concordia Shipwreck: How Do They Do It?

The whale trap ~ The craggy coast and wild seas that give Tasmania's West and Northwest coasts their beauty also make the region a deadly trap for whales and dolphins.

Super-Earth in 6-Planet System May Have Oceans, Life ~ This super-Earth receives about two-thirds the amount of sunlight that our planet gets. It’s a bit on the cold side, but still warm enough to have oceans and wet weather like on Earth. While scientists can’t confirm that water exists on the planet, follow-up observations may give them more information.

When things go wrong for denizens of the deep ~ Whale strandings have all the makings of a drama, as a couple of documentary-makers discovered. Tom McKinlay reports.

Mine-Hunting Humans And Dolphins To Be Replaced by Robots ~ Some regions of the ocean are littered with mines. They’re dangerous and hard to find. For a while now, the U.S. Navy has used dolphins to find these mines. Their echolocation skills make them great mine-finders. But no longer will the Navy have to risk dolphin life and fin. Just like human jobs, the dolphins are being replaced by robots.

We Need an Ocean NASA Now Pt.1 | Deep Sea News

Dolphin Mass Deaths In The Gulf Of Mexico Due To The BP Oil Spill And Other Factors

Scientists free a whale shark from a fishing net in Indonesia - Conservation International (CI)

Whale shark sucks fish out of hole in fishing net - Conservation International (CI)

Pierce Brosnan: Don't Let the Belugas Go Silent

Record number of blue whales feast in Pacific's 'Serengeti'

A stalked jellyfish (Lucernaria quadricornis). These cnidarians can be regarded as an overgrown polyp, one end of which has partly differentiated into a medusa. The ‘tufts’ of the feeding tentacles are clearly visible. Photo: Alexander Semenov

Bbc News, Years Ago, Records Keep Began, Kansas Thunderstorms, 120 Years, Country Hottest, Hottest Years, Thunderstorms Moving, Modern Records Keep

Questions raised again about scientific whaling - July 09, 2012 ~ At an International Whaling Commission meeting in Panama last week South Korea shocked the world. It announced plans for a whaling program.

Obama administration outlines plans for more Arctic oil drilling, but says new leases won't be granted until 2016 to allow more time for studies.

Scientists Propose ‘Bill of Rights’ for Dolphins to Protect ‘Non-Human Persons’

Fire in the sky ~ Meteor plunges into ocean lighting up Perth sky ~ By David Gear, PerthNow, July 02, 2012

Antigua To Support Japanese Whaling Again

ExxonMobil CEO assailed for claims on climate change - publicly admits global warming is happening. The "debate" in the US is finally over. Thanks ExxonMobil. Now what are you going to do about it?

U.S. Resolves to Take the Lead in Whale Conservation

Big Victory for Gulf ~ Audubon President Comments on RESTORE Act in Transportation Bill ~ Restoring the Gulf of Mexico report -

What is killing the dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico?