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Obama to create world’s largest ocean preserve ~ President Barack Obama is looking to create the largest marine preserve in the world by protecting a massive stretch of the Pacific Ocean from drilling, fishing and other actions that could threaten wildlife, the White House said.


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All rivers lead to the Ocean. Just because you are far from the ocean does not mean you are not having an impact on the ocean!

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There Is No Away. - Photo Malik Naumann - Marine Photobank

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This Is How Your Plastic Bag Ends Up In Massive Ocean Garbage Patches

This Is How Your Plastic Bag Ends Up In Massive Ocean Garbage Patches. Be aware. Make a Change.

..Fabulous pin!!! Dolphins seem to have all the fun in the ocean and able to 'fly' too!!!!

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Orcas are highly intelligent and even feel more on an empathic level than do humans. Imagine what captivity would do to such a sensitive creature. These animals do not belong in captivity.

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An Orca’s Life in Captivity vs. the Ocean [INFOGRAPHIC] Orcas are wonderful animals. They have families and friends out there, and they're helping the ecosystem of the ocean! Let's not put them in tiny pools just to watch them do tricks for us and get frustrated and angry.

The ocean covers about 72 percent of the entire planet and supplies about 70 percent of our oxygen. Yet we still don’t know exactly what’s down there.