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  • Helen Davison

    A whale shark approaches the lights of a small fishing boat in Djibouti's Gulf of Tadjoura. Photo by Thomas Peschak

  • Kaity Dresen

    Whales, sharks, and other sea creatures mesmerize me. They also scare me. The ocean is awesome, literally as in "full of awe".

  • Jenny Boothe

    Stunning Photos Of Sharks And People Document A Vulnerable Species. Whale shark.

  • Mane Ser Medellin

    favorite animal: the whale shark

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Sharks on the ocean floor--OK, I think I'm about ready to head back to the boat.

'The sea is heavy as oil. Giant creatures pass, dragging the sea into shock waves. Some people know because it gives them headaches. The creatures are rarely seen except in green flashes of phosphorescence, which are talked about for days.'

The Beluga Whale also called The White Whale can mostly be found in Artic waters and become their brilliant white color around 5 yrs. of age. They are considered a smallish whale between 13-20' long and live 35-50 yrs. in the wild. They should never be kept in captivity.... it is inhumane and unjust. All whales should have the roam of the ocean!

Sperm Whale by Diederik Huisman Sperm whales are largest toothed whale. #whales #oceanlife

Sends shivers up my spine every time I see this great pic

Whale Shark: Stunning photos of models swimming with sharks raise awareness for their conservation Photo: Shawn Heinrichs

The water refracts the light so that it looks bent. Interestingly, the photo also shows a shark that is moving the in the same direction as that line is. This creates a great sense of unity. It shows that the subjects of the photo are unified in motion.

Sharks in the Maldives cc/@Sha Hwang

shark species - Pesquisa do Google