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    Sounds so easy, doesn't it? Why don't we do it...?


    There is NO Diet that will do what eating healthy does. (I just realized that I pinned this between two very sugary desserts... oh pinterest!) ha ha

    so true

    Addressing The Fears And Feelings Associated With Weight Loss

    right attitude, great results!

    If more people would realize that it's not a "DIET" that it's a lifestyle we would see more people reaching their health and fitness goals. Make up your mind and say you're not on a "diet" anymore! I guarantee it will take a lot of the pressure off of your journey to weight loss. #health-fitness-motivation

    What does "eating right" mean to you? What does healthy eating look like to you? Eating healthy, eating right or eating clean is NOT a diet. It is a lifestyle approach. It's all about putting healthy foods in your body, so you feel great and can preform at your peak! If you want more info on healthy, clean eating click through to see more :)

    "I'm not losing weight. I'm getting rid of it."

    "Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated." - Osho *celebrate life! #happy #life #quote

    The Combined Benefits of Diet and Exercise

    Healthy eating

    Do These 7 Things on Sunday to Lose Weight All Week Long - I actually do all of these every Sunday and it's essential in my weight loss.


    amen to this

    Ugh! You can't change your diet for a couple months and expect no-effort results that will stick forever. I'm so tired of seeing all these fad diets and "miracle" workouts to give you a supermodel body. Losing 30 pounds in a month isn't healthy! Eat right and exercise. It's not easy, and it's not fast, but you will become comfortable and healthy in your own skin!

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