That's a conservatory!

Sunroom, a smaller glass enclosure attached to a house, also called a conservatory.

What a sunroom!

So technically an indoor space, but this beautiful conservatory toes the indoor/outdoor line via Design Chic

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Building at 45 East Street, New York. "Design and construction of a new four-story and basement townhouse with a set-back fifth floor in the Upper East Side Historic District.


French- Rectangular windows and doors. Windows are either flat or rounded top. Balconies are very common and homes typically have at least one.

Les Serres : Dix exemples de serres grandioses ou intimistes pour agrandir et magnifier l'architecture de sa maison, à transformer en entrée, en salon d'été, en cuisine familiale, en jardin d'hiver... avec de beaux détails néo-gothiques, néo-classiques,...

Les serres ou embellir sa maison


Stone wall with cap. Sequential accordion doors, in combination with the roof, turn the enclosed pool into an outdoor space in seconds.


Courtyard, Italian villa style home. Reminds me of our Turks & Caicos trip. Would love a courtyard in backyard, with a one story covered porch (square shaped) on the left and a room on the right, with a water feature in center.

Hometalk :: How To Get Perfect Curb Appeal

How To Get Perfect Curb Appeal

Beautiful, traditional Colonial - I JUST LOVE THIS! I want those steps and walkway for our colonial style house. Maybe have brick put on the front bottom concrete facade? Love that door and the lamp hanging from the porch ceiling.


I want this beautiful room and patio in my house! Imagine sipping coffee overlooking this! Copper-roofed breakfast room, or conservatory, with an adjacent terrace for entertaining.